Wednesday, February 11, 2009

About Bristle Bros. Brewing

So, why the name? Well, Bristle Bros. Brewing got its name when I started brewing back in Autumn of 2004. The person responsible for this new hobby, later to become obsession, was my younger brother Jeff (brother Ernest). He had brewed while in college and showed me the basics that got me started. So thanks to him here I am, seemed only natural to name my endeavors with a nod to our relationship. Bristle is a family joke for me and my siblings (last name Brush and we kids are the bristles. groan...)

So voila! Bristle Bros. Brewing. So it became a "family thing" as well. At about the same time I began brewing, I began taking a greater interest in my family history. I had recently moved to Vermont the state where my ancestors had lived. So that became part and parcel of the whole "company image" as I looked to family and places for names of brews and imagery. In addition to brewing I am an artist/printmaker. I enjoy creating hand printed woodblock/engraving labels for my beers as time allows. I plan to share those here as well as my brewing endeavors.

Okay, so there you go.

So now I ask myself, what is the raison d'ĂȘtre (ooh lala!) for this here blog. Will I post every little brain dropping I have about beer and brewing?


Will it detail every single brew session with twenty seven eight-by-ten colour glossy photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each is...

Nah. But I am a visual person and think photos are important so I hope to include many. Sadly I am not the greatest photographer nor do I always think to take photos when I am in the middle of things.

What then will I post about? Well, not completely sure yet, but I have some framework.

I will post about things I feel are not already overly covered already. Brews that include ingredients, techniques or some other thing that has not been posted about ad infinitum. Basically anything I found meager information about when I was researching an idea! I will post about projects that are in some way exciting to me personally or I view as monumental, noteworthy or just darn interesting. I decide what that is of course so it may be completely lame! I don't plan on revisiting all my past endeavours save for a few projects that are ongoing which I will retrace and then update as they progress. Instead I will just go from this moment forward and post about things as they unfold.

Guess that sets the scene for now...

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