Friday, February 13, 2009

A Succession of Scottish ales

This is a project I started back in November of 2008. I am 3 brews in currently with the final installment of a Scotch ale (wee heavy) soon to be brewed.

So I began with one propagator pack of Wyeast 1728 Scottish ale, Marris Otter malt and roasted barley. The idea was to use the one pack of yeast for all brews. I made a starter for the 60/- which at the time I thought may be unnecessary do to the low gravity of such an ale. I later realized this was in fact a good idea due to the low fermentation temp (starting at 55F at pitching) it gave the yeast a head start and resulted in a nice cool clean ferment. Then I washed the yeast cake from that initial brew and stored the resulting "slurries" in 4 mason jars. With each new brew I pitched the contents of one jar into a new starter.

I have done an 80/- and a Scotch ale but never a full procession. For this one I am going to scrap the previous recipes I made and try the most simple "allegedly" traditional method. That being simply to use Marris Otter and a bit of roasted barley for color. Caramelizing the first gallon of runnings then a 120 minute boil for a malty thick brew. Then just a bit of Goldings for balance. Ferment her cool in my basement at about 60-62F then condition cold as I can (hopefully low 50's) for a few weeks.

I will repost my notes from the "experiment" as they were originally written in following posts.

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