Saturday, March 7, 2009

More sappy news.

Well it did not get quite cold enough last night. The sap flow has slowed greatly. However, I managed to collect about 1 gallon total from all. It measures a specific gravity of 1.011 or 3.5 degrees brix. I am not used to using the brix scale but I believe that means it is about 3.5 % sugar by weight? I will figure it out as I go. One gallon (roughly measured) weighs just over 8 pounds. Why does that matter? Well, at this point it does not. When I have collected enough and reduced it then it will. The best way I could determine to figure for the extract contribution of this sap in my barley wine recipe was to take a gravity reading and a sample weight then add it t the ingredients list in my brewing software. The software uses ingredient weight and potential extract (amount of sugars an ingredient will contribute) to determine the amounts of ingredients and the likely outcome based on the efficiency of your brewing setup. Anyway, here it is.

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