Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wow! Chocolatey goodness!

I settled on racking the Mayan Imperial Stout to a keg to age and infuse. I racked it on Sunday (2 days ago) and added the following. 3 oz. of cacao nibs, 1/2 a vanilla bean slit in half, 2 dried ancho peppers, 1 dried pasilla pepper, and for "the kick" half of an habanero (fresh) deseeded and deveined. I put the dry peppers in whole and straight into the beer. The cacao nibs and vanilla bean I placed in a mesh bag to prevent clogging the diptube and the habanero was in a stainless steel "tea ball" so I could remove it separately if things got too hot. I ended up with about what I expected volume wise after transferring, about 2.5 gallons. Well a bit less perhaps... There was probably about 2.25 quarts of trub/cocoa/yeast sludge.

Tasted it today. I was a bit nervous that 1/2 a habanero was perhaps too much to start. So I tasted it so I could remove the pepper. So far, it tastes fantastic! Even better than it did at the gravity check last week. Wicked chocolatey! Not fake sickly chocolate liqueur flavor either. No taste of pepper yet, either heat or flavor. My only concern is that it is not mixed and the pepper heat/flavor did not come through in the sample collected. I used a picnic tap. Time will tell...

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